Activity Report


The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey In order to participate in the ENERGY EFFICIENCY APPLICATIONS IN PUBLIC BUILDINGS PROJECT, a comprehensive study on energy efficiency was conducted.

Buildings that comply with the project criteria have been identified.
On behalf of our university, an application has been made for a TOTAL 463,785.00 m2 closed area, including 217,522.00 m2 within the scope of Hospital Units and 246,263.00 m2 closed area within the scope of Education Units.

Faculty Visits are carried out and preliminary studies for on-campus faculties have been initiated.

For energy saving purposes, you can use the Image below to be used in faculties and units.


  1. Electricity consumption and invoices of our university are regularly checked.
  2. On-campus Electricity componentization values are regularly checked.
  3. High Voltage Operation responsibility controls of the transformers in the districts are continued on a regular basis.
  4. The studies requested by the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Higher Education Institution and the Governorship of Antalya are carried out and the necessary notifications are sent to the relevant units in a timely manner.
  5. Buildings within the University campus have been examined and the characteristics of 110 buildings have been extracted, Energy Efficiency Studies of the Buildings within the University campus have been initiated, and Faculty visits have started to be carried out. Preliminary examinations of 4 faculties were made.
  6. The medium voltage infrastructure project of our university was drawn and the projects were approved by TEDAŞ and CK Akdeniz.
  7. The infrastructure project for the meter placement and reading system for 91 buildings on the campus was prepared and submitted to the Department of Construction and Technical Affairs. Work is ongoing.
  8. Work continues on Renewable Energy Source projects that will meet the energy needs of our university.
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