Akdeniz University Energy Management Unit

Article 14 of Higher Education Law No. 2547, Provincial Administration Law No. 5542, Sub-clause 2 of clause (a) of paragraph 1 of Article 7 of Energy Efficiency Law No. 5627, dated 27.10.2011 and Article 9, paragraph 2 of the Regulation on Increasing Efficiency in the Use of Energy Resources and Energy published in the Official Gazette No. 28097, Article 6 of the Regulation on Energy Performance in Buildings published in the Official Gazette dated 5 December 2008 and numbered 27075, In line with the Circular No. 2008/55, Circular No. 2019/18 of the Presidency on Energy Saving in Public Buildings, Saving Target and Implementation Guide in Institution Buildings, 2012-2023 Energy Efficiency Strategy Document and 2017-2023 National Energy Efficiency Action Plan and 27.08 Established with the decision of the Senate dated 2021.

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