Our duty

  1. Planning and supervising energy efficiency studies within the body of the University Campus, preparing reports, entering data into energy efficiency software, in coordination with Antalya Governorship Provincial Energy Management Unit,
  2. In accordance with Article 30 of the Regulation on Increasing Efficiency in the Use of Energy Resources and Energy, determining the institutions to be surveyed in order to determine the measures to increase energy efficiency and their benefits and costs in the buildings that are obliged to appoint energy managers belonging to the public sector by the ETKB , following the process and cooperating with the ETKB,
  3. In accordance with the Regulation on Energy Performance in Buildings published in the Official Gazette dated 12.2008 and numbered 27075, obtaining the Energy Identity Certificate in cooperation with the buildings belonging to public institutions,
  4. Establishing an energy policy that defines the targets and priorities in energy management, defining the duties, authorities and responsibilities of the energy manager or energy management unit in the hierarchical structure, informing all employees and people related to energy management activities by publishing them in written rules,
  5. Meeting with Institutional Energy Manager, Building Energy Efficiency Officers every 3 (three) months for the purpose of establishing energy policies and process management,
  6. Participating in the meeting within the scope of the "Energy Efficiency Implementation Plan", which is held every 6 (six) months for the purpose of creating energy policies and process management, with the Energy Management Unit of the Antalya Governorship and the Energy Managers of the institution,
  7. Sending annual information on energy use and studies on energy management to the ETKB every year until the end of March, making or ensuring that data entries are made to the Energy Efficiency Portal within the ETKB,
  8. Ensuring that the energy management activities in the buildings within the institution are carried out or carried out in accordance with the applicable national or international TS EN ISO 50001 Energy Management System User Manual and Conditions Standard, which is the basis for certification,
  9. Ensuring that the information including the consumption amount of the previous financial year and the corresponding consumption price of the subscriptions belonging to the public institutions and organizations from the legal entities selling electricity and/or natural gas can be accessed in the Energy Efficiency Software environment,
  10. Monitoring the subscriber information (electricity, water, natural gas), billing information and payment transactions of the buildings of the institution with the Energy Efficiency Software,
  11. Organizing in-service training seminars in order to raise awareness of public employees in order to reduce energy consumption in the public sector,
  12. Sending a copy of the reports and studies related to the studies conducted or commissioned in public institutions and the projects related to the implementation of the determined measures to the ETKB,
  13. Determining the unit energies consumed per criteria such as unit-area, person-unit, goods-unit, service-unit in accordance with the activities of the institution in order to achieve minimum energy savings according to the Savings Target and Implementation Guide in Public Buildings, and reporting them to the ETKB,
  14. Providing all kinds of information and documents requested for on-site inspections and inspections by ETKB inspectors as per the Energy Efficiency Inspection Regulation, and energy managers, employees and project specialists in accordance with the Antalya Governorship Energy Management Unit Directive, and providing the necessary conditions,
  15. Complying with the condition that natural or legal persons to be provided with services or contracted for project implementations with savings or performance guarantees, periodical maintenance, repair and installation regarding the implementation of the measures determined in the studies to increase energy efficiency in buildings and annexes belonging to public institutions are authorized,
  16. Establishment of infrastructure and preparation of contracts for discounted electricity, natural gas and water agreements by public institutions within the scope of eligible consumers,

Providing the necessary conditions for the studies to be carried out by ETKB or to be made by companies.

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